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Wellness Coaching

I love the word Sherpa and like to think I interact with my clients in this way – a guide, a facilitator – to assist individuals as they journey towards an identified goal or challenge.  This work sometimes moves into unexpected places for transformation.  To begin the issue can be general – such as” I don’t feel well” or “I’m not happy with how I am aging”, but can also be specific such as “I recently received this diagnosis and need direction in how I can empower myself in my own health care and not just rely on my providers”. Always guiding with the foundation of “teaching a man to fish” Wellness Coaching actively focuses on the individual and their specific needs to attain the goal of true  wellness. Best results are generally seen within the coaching process, not just a single encounter. Sessions are 30 minutes to 2 hours in length depending upon individual and agreed upon plan.

Drawing upon my training, experience and personal practice of 15 plus years, I am always building upon my personal technique of combining kinesiology, dowsing, tapping and other energy specific modalities. These are all methods of natural health care. Muscle testing identifies the imbalances in the body’s chemistry and/or structure as well as in the emotional being. Gaining this awareness, allows for the prioritization of healing as well as the evaluation of potential natural remedies. Energy Assessment Sessions often overlap and work well in conjunction with Wellness Coaching for those who are open to it. On average sessions are 30 minutes to one hour.

Energy Assessment Sessions

Workshops and Classes

Teaching is one of my very favorite ways to share with others. I believe whole heartedly in “teaching a person to fish” so that they are empowered and proactive in their living. Please visit the workshops and classes page for more information or send an email to schedule a workshop or class at your facility.

I have lectured on numerous topics and keep these series up to date. I am a voracious reader and enjoy adding new content as I myself experiment with new supplements, food combinations, ways to release anxiety and stress. I am also prepared to design a lecture specific to a topic that is of importance to you and your group. Send an email to inquire for more information.



When presented with a health challenge, many people do not know where to turn to locate the answers they seek. I have been and continue to be an advocate for wellness and proactive living. I have the knowledge and resources to do research work for individuals navigating specific health challenges. By the hour, in 15 minute increments.

Many of our households contain the very items that are increasing our risk of poor health. I will come to your home or office to assess the environment for electromagnetic pollution, harmful chemicals in the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, review of personal care items, food, as well as additional harmful energetic issues that may arise about the environment. By the hour, including travel time.

Home and/or Business Assessment

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