Meet Marti

Marti ChitwoodAttracting and inspiring individuals who have a higher vision for their health and wellbeing on a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level is my strongest desire in life. My passion is facilitating transformation, guiding individuals as they create their vision for their new self, their healthy self, their best self! By tapping into the body’s innate wisdom, a unique plan is created for steps to wellness. One that quickly provides measurable visible outcomes is key. Faced with my own life challenges, I have successfully created and shared a proven process for creating more balanced lives by redirecting old beliefs and patterns into personal empowerment and healthy decision making processes.

With over four decades of experience in the fields of nutrition, detoxification, health, environment and positive life direction, my work has taken me into hospitals, clinical settings, university settings and private practice. I am honored when I hear that my passion and reputation proceed me, as I am sincerely dedicated to my clients and to the restoration of their health. These joyful commitments have led to the honor of becoming a recognized expert in the field of personal transformation, not only by clients, but health care professionals as well.

All of my life experiences have led to one truth: There is no one clear path for all when it comes to health. A wellness program must be focused and tailored to the individual. I spend time with each client taking into account their history, labs, a physical assessment (hair, nails, skin etc) and overall quality of life. This path rarely is restricted to nutrition alone and often times other areas of life must be tended to first. My experience, wealth of knowledge and ability to look at each specific challenge in order to determine steps to be taken on the path for an individual’s best health, all help to make me an ideal advisor when it comes to the body, mind and spirit functioning at the highest potential possible.

My style is innovative, visionary, creative. My science back ground taught careful observation, placing the highest value upon truth. But the science of health, does not take into account the whole person. With Veritas Transformation, I am now able to use all of the instruments and resources available to me in order to arrive at a clear map for an incredible journey of positive change.

Marti resides in Charleston, SC with her beloved dogs, Penny and Wolfie. Her most favorite things include sunshine, gardening, dance and the joy of learning.