Marti’s Favorites

Long Training Studios

Fueled by a lifelong devotion to fitness, Tracie’s objective is to help others throughout the world prioritize their own goals for self care and exercise with easy-to-follow DVDs and studio classes. It is never too late get back in your groove.

Natura Health Products

The foundation of Natura’s approach is to promote wellness and longevity. This lies in the restoration and preservation of core vitality.Our state-of-the-art formulas feature a synergy of select botanical and nutritional ingredients that support the body’s biochemical processes to encourage optimal health.

“I completed a training internship in herbal therapies with Donny Yance in 2003. When Donny announced that he was launching a line of herbal products, I knew immediately that the products would be superior. I was ordering the very day that products were available. I still use and recommend the line of products today.   They are worth every dollar. My favorite products: Botanibol, Amino Max, Night Gain, Power Adapt, Vital Adapt, Cell Guardian.

High Tech Health

High Tech Health provides Infrared Saunas designed for Detox and Health. We also sell water electrolyzers and nutritional supplements.

 “I have been using and recommending the Akai Water Filter and the Health Mate Far Infrared sauna for almost fifteen years.  I had a rejuvenation / bio-detoxification center for three years, and had three saunas from High Tech Health.  I consider these two tools pivotal in the process of restoring / transforming health.  The company truly stands behind its’ products and the company is here to stay.  I have complete trust in all that High Tech Health stands for.”

Mountain States Health

Mountain Health Products Provides an Exclusive Line of. Nutraceuticals and Homeopathic Products. to Health Care Providers since 1990.

“For a reliable, high integrity company that offers a wide variety of high quality products, consider Mountain States.   Owner, Sharon Lynn, carefully reviews each product that her company carries.  Her staff is friendly, well-trained and highly professional.   Clients feel comfortable and at ease ordering through Mountain States. They just about always have the products needed.”


Biotics Southeast

Biotics Research Corporation is committed to formulating and manufacturing the highest quality nutritional supplements to serve the health care professional market.

“I have been using and recommending Biotics Research products for about fifteen years. The company has a long and trustworthy history (in business for over 50 years). Individuals using Biotics can ‘FEEL’ the positive effect of the products. Biotics is a company to be trusted.”

Serotonin Luxe

For overall support for immune health and resistance, mood support, stamina, muscle strength, digestive distress, muscle/joint pain, sleep support, motion sickness, fear of flight, rejuvenation, hormone balance (esp. menopause support), lifespan enhancement due to activation of telomerase enzyme in humans, animals and plants.

Researched Nutritionals

Researched Nutritionals is the leader in specialty formulations supporting patients’ unique needs.

“Researched Nutritionals offers specialty products for challenging health states, including immune suppression, Lymes’, and other complicated conditions. The research behind the products is extensive.”

LLuellen's Magnetic Clay

LL’s Magnetic Clay is dedicated to providing 100% natural detoxification and supportive therapies with
only a force that mother nature can accomodate us with. Our products are centered around the largest and most viable detoxification pathway in the body — the skin, and with over a decade of success in offering powerful foundational protocols to address environmental toxicity, LL’s Magnetic Clay remains committed to providing pure unadulterated natural products designed to enhance the wellbeing and health of our customers.

“This is my favorite site for Magnetic Clay. I heartily recommend the clays as a safe and effective means for supporting the detox process. There are numerous ways in which the clays can be utilized. Great info on the website. They also have good magnesium products with alternate delivery routes.”

EnerG Polarity

Ener-G-Polari-T Products is constantly testing and improving its products, that is working with and supporting your own body’s electrical system (polarities).

“I have used the diodes (as well as numerous other products) from this company for over ten years. The company has been in the business of offering protection against Electromagnetic Pollution for many years.”