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All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

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Marti Chitwood

Marti’s passion is to help individuals create their vision for their new self, their healthy self, their best self.

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By providing tools, insights, education and inspiration, Veritas Transformation will guide individuals along their path of personal transformation in the areas of health, happiness and joy resulting in self reliance and proactive living.


Safe and effective detoxification


Weight balance


Self empowerment


Stress relief


Improved sleep


Improved muscle mass


Improved digestion


Appreciation for the uniqueness of you


Improved energy


Improved brain function


Clear skin

Meet Marti

Marti’s passion is to help individuals create a vision for their new self, their healthy self, their best self.

Marti has over 35 years of experience in the field of nutrition, detox, health, environment and positive life direction. Her work has taken her into hospitals, clinical settings, university settings and private practice. Marti’s passion and reputation proceed her. Through her vocation she has become a recognized expert in the field of personal transformation by her clients as well as health care professionals. Her style is all her own – innovative, visionary, creative. Marti is a careful observer, placing the highest value upon truth. She uses all the instruments and resources available to her in order to arrive at a clear map for an incredible journey of positive change.

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Marti has an incredible knowledge of the body and nutrition.  She has helped me to reconnect with my physical body and to remember all the wonderful allies we have not just in proper food but also in all the herbs and healing remedies that are available to assist our health. The healing journey I have been on with her over the last two years has been profound for me. I  feel better emotionally as well as physically . The energy work she does truly taps into universal wisdom for the individual’s specific constitution and takes into account the well-being of body,mind, and spirit.

Janna Baker


The sad truth is our society as a whole is not in alignment with the needs of our bodies. We have lost sight of the real truth of what we truly need. The food we eat, over abundance of environmental toxins, incredibly stressful lifestyles all take a toll on our physical selves. But the exciting truth is we do not have to feel discouraged about any of this! You have the power to create the life you are looking for and so readily deserve! The time is now – the honest truth is you can reclaim your wellbeing, make better choices for yourself, rely on your inner guidance system and live the life that was intended! So Live Your BestTruth!

What the Body Knows

The body knows the truth. Whether the truth is that you are caring for yourself by supplying the proper nutrition, supplemental support, activity, reducing stressors and overall enjoying this gift of life or whether you are moving through life without paying much attention to the needs of the physical self. One way or another, the body will let you know where you are and where your attention needs to be. The body will always reveal the truth. You only need to ask.


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